Marco Federico Cagnoni Born In Bagno a Ripoli Florence. Degree in biology from I.T.A.S Galileo Jesi 2008 Graduated as Industrial Designer at I.S.I.A Florence 2013 Graduated as Social Designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven 2018 Currently freelancer based in the Netherland  Statement: I had the honour of being one of the 20 students to take part in the master course in Social Design, at the Design Academy Eindhoven, which is one of the most coveted and influential academies in the today contemporary art and design scene. The experience at Design Academy has radically changed my way of seeing things and express myself. Because compared to the other design universities, where in most of the cases you learn to be a good technician and skilful makers, In Eindhoven I learned to be able to designing the design. But what does it means designing the design? I learned to think about which is the role of a designer and what does it mean design nowadays? for whom and for what I design? Why I made certain kind of choices rather than other? what is my critical, political, ethical point of view, in a today society… For me, the quality of a design work is not found only in the technical ability but in the originality of thought. in the reflexive ability to constantly renew their language codes, to meet the demands and needs of an emerging generation. Designing does not only mean finding “solutions”, in many cases these solutions have created even more problems, but designing means "communicating" in order to change or just twist the point of view over the things. The role of the designer is both the spokesman of the people, but also being able to speak to the people, in order to translate thought into action and finally into the matter. Transmute the virtual, in reality, into something that exists and is present, or that will exist. Showing its ideological value in a tangible and concrete way, by using ancient crafts techniques or on the contrary using the most modern and advanced technological means. The design is such a self-critical and open-minded tool that it is perhaps one of the few disciplines capable of reflecting so deeply on one's own practice to the point of being able to reject itself. So, there is no design without its antithesis, there is no design without being also anti-design. As a Social Designer, I have the opportunity to express myself, my ideology through my projects that I use as a powerful communication and political tools. The design for me is a tool of social rebellion that challenges me by pushing to be constantly updated and express what it is urgent to say, and act when is necessary to intervene, taking in consideration what the social, cultural, economical, technological, environmental implication of my actions.